Testing: Billy + Shudia w Vivien’s Management

In January, I dipped my toe into the world of test shooting because the industry is nearly dead and I needed to keep my creativity up and about.

Cue my regular call to Maxie at Vivien’s Models around the corner and they set me Shudia and Billy. I wanted to scrub up on retouching, outsource retouching to a new girl I was trailing, and also give my new Polaroid Land Camera a spin. Tiana and I created some films from the time we spent with the models too.

I often get asked who I like to work with in Melbourne by brands and this go-see, deliver a few portraits, hang out sort of formula works really well to meet new faces, try new equipment, and give everyone an injection of content.

Meet Shudia

Shudia hails from Perth and is the most chill, natural, easy to work with 19 year old I’ve ever met. I’m hoping to smashes VAMFF this year so I get to see her beautiful face again. She is a vision. The background look was achieved by using the black side of a foam flat. Smoothing and distorting in post made for a pretty interesting background. Iphone example from the day below.

Meet Billy

I’m glad I managed to get some portraits out. I loveee chatting to models and getting them to kick back with me. Billy in particular because we had a tonne of mutual friends. We immediately understood each other and shooting this handsome young man was a breeze. He knows his angles and could do no wrong in front of the lens. He took direction like a champ! I’d work with Billy again in a heart beat, I’m trying to push him in front of my menswear clients as we speak.


Arielle Thomas is a fashion film director and strategist based in Australia.

Founder and director of multifaceted production company Cinema Thom since 2017, Arielle’s eye

and implementation of video alone has disrupted the Australian fashion landscape.


Melbourne, Australia