How I make Remy’s Freshwater Pearl Anklets

Designed with love, these anklets came to fruition the way all Remy pieces do – because I wanted one and I couldn’t find one anywhere. Summer was looming and I made myself a pearl anklet. My team and I were in Far North Queensland and I gave Tiana one to test drive. Fast forward to late November, I was testing several materials, pearls, sizes and clasps and prepping to add the new offering to our community. 

After weeks of conversations back and forth with our findings supplier in LA, we landed on 14K gold-filled findings. Not too expensive for a costume based piece, but special enough to ensure it wouldn’t be tarnished after a summer on the sand. I developed three anklets, with 14K gold-filled crimp covers on tigerwire. Tiger Wire is also a little more sustainable than silk since we could never promise where the silk was coming from.

The first is named Cleo, a reference to our teenage years watching H2O: Just Add Water, and a relevant nod to dreamgirl Phoebe Tonkin. The next is called Sorrento, after our summer spot down here in Melbourne. The third is called Isolde, after the character in a film I adore called Tristan and Isode. The tag line is ‘Before Romeo and Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde’ – need I say more?  

Orders flew in the door since we launched them and I’m about to roll up my sleeves and make 25 pieces for a wholesale retailer in New Zealand this weekend. We’re hand making these until the end of February, or until our pearls run out. Like all great chapters, they do end, so be quick or they’ll be gone forever! 

This blog post was also posted on the Remy Journal.


Arielle Thomas is a fashion film director and strategist based in Australia.

Founder and director of multifaceted production company Cinema Thom since 2017, Arielle’s eye

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