A New Decade, A New Blog

With a new decade comes new goals. As a photographer and filmmaker, I document everything visually. So here goes.

Constantly pouring over coffee table books, and trudging my 35mm camera across the globe, I’ve scrapbooked and journaled my way through these twenty-seven years with no intention of slowing down. I love printing client work and pairing each shot with their original references and the feeling I intended to evoke. I remind myself of the call time and moments throughout the collaborative day that may not have photographed or captured itself.

I adore my career, all three years of it in this film directing lane I’ve carved out for myself, and there is something romantic about being able to reflect. Furthermore, to share the reflection.

This job is a new niche. With technology and content creation rapidly developing and cannibalizing what we understood yesterday, I wish I had a creator, entrepreneur, and transparent artist to pick apart and use as a guide. In the digital age, we rarely pour over the process; we see the final result on Instagram or in a magazine. But since starting to work with some of the most respected brands in Australia, the mood boards and the rich conversations of reference and emotion are rushed and sometimes overlooked. We have to get the shot. But it’s always more than one shot; it’s also ten Instagram versions and one with some negative space on the left-hand side for EDM’s (E-mail marketing banners usually).

I want to create this blog to document my journey for myself and for anyone else that may be watching that appreciates what I do.

So here’s to documenting and sharing the process.

I regularly collaborate with brands and shoot with my team of wildly talented women whom you’d never meet unless I introduce you to them.

Along with career hacks, book clubs, and self-care, I run two successful businesses, and I don’t share enough. This blog will be a challenge to maintain, but it’s a new decade. If not, now, when?


Arielle Thomas is a fashion film director and strategist based in Australia.

Founder and director of multifaceted production company Cinema Thom since 2017, Arielle’s eye

and implementation of video alone has disrupted the Australian fashion landscape.


Melbourne, Australia